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An old saying says to travel happily one need to travel light. So the first tip start from here. Try to be as light as possible. Heavy luggage not only means that you have to face problem carrying stuff but also that you need to wait long in the baggage claim areas for other form of formality. Lets make the travel tips easy for you to remember. Travel toads being your online travel partner brings in these easy tips for you. Take it as a checklist and confirm it prior couple of days…

  • Check out your travel documents like passport, credit/visa cards and most importantly id’s
  • Dresses and outfits based on the time period of the journey. However a minimum of 2 is recommended.
  • Book/video games/indoor games for entertainment in and during the journey
  • A pen and a note pad again is a must
  • Camera, mobile phones and its charger
  • Some general stuff can also be bought from the destination. So avoid going to heavy.
  • And if possible pack travelling stuff in back pack. It will make you comfortable carry the stuff on your back and you can keep your hand free.
  • If you are on adventurous journey avoid keeping laptop with self. Enjoy the vacation; believe me without these gadgets you will remain happy and content. And you will finish of a journey worth memorable.
  • Umbrella is recommended if you are traveling to humid and hot areas
  • While travelling don’t keep you pockets heavy with stuffs. Just carry over passport, some cash, couple of note sheets, cards and a pen.
  • Keep a photocopy of your documents at a safe place and it is suggested to keep it in e-form. Scan it and mail it to self so that you can access it just anytime.
  • Try keeping high end fabrics. These fabrics have quality to dry fast and you can be assured of dry cloth after night bath.
  • Keep some foreign currency just to cover any urgent or incidental expenses. You will get better exchange rates here.
  • Never over plan, keep the traveling limited
  • On the day of journey try to reach airport/ railway station as early as possible
  • Try to have smiling face and prefer talking locals. However doesn’t over friend
  • Try to help security, wear slip on shoes, avoid belts and if it is necessary make note that it should not be of metal
  • Never keep your cash at one place always split it. And also don’t carry all your cash; keep some in your room.
  • Keep a paper in your wallet with important number, your complete address and the embassy number. It is good for any adverse condition

Remember A good vacation can calm your soul and make you refreshed and re-energized. No matter you are just planning to have a memorable vacation or just looking for great travel tips we expect travel toads this page helped you to fabricate your travel